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Kindly check if your GB Whats App (GB WhatsApp) application has enabled the auto download feature, which can consume your phone's memory and a significant amount of mobile data without your knowledge. It is essential to take precautionary measures to avoid such occurrences. Thus, we recommend disabling this feature to save your device's memory and mobile data usage.

To disable auto download in GB Whats App (GB WhatsApp) follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the three dots situated at the top right corner of GB WhatsApp and select "SETTINGS" from the options displayed.
  • Look for the "Data and storage usage" option located under the circle pattern.
  • Within this sub-column, locate the "Media auto-download" feature and select "When using mobile data."
  • Uncheck all the options for images, audio, video, and files, and save the changes by clicking "OK."
Similarly, to prevent automatic downloads when connected to WiFi, select "When connected on WiFi" and uncheck all options again. Finally, save your changes by clicking "OK."

By disabling auto download, you can manage your device's memory and mobile data usage more effectively while using GB WhatsApp.

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