Travel insurance is very important and it ought not be the last item on your
vacation list.

Travel Insurance is relatively cheap especially when you consider the cost of
omitting it from your agenda and something unforeseen actually happens.

We all hope that everything is going to run smoothly, that we will not get
sick, we will not lose our luggage, we will not be delayed etc. but
unfortunately problems do arise and when you have the peace of mind that
you have covered such an occasion it does considerably soften the blow.

If you feel that your credit card, bank or company cover your trip then just
double check the details. You may be surprised to learn that you are not
covered whatsoever or at least not to the extent that you had believed and
sometimes just a top up insurance is necessary. One couple, that travelled
several times a year, were confident that their credit card covered any
insurance problems. It therefore came as a very unwelcome surprise to learn
that this was in fact untrue when they were presented with some very high
medical bills.

If you are taking a cruise and book well in advance then it is also a good idea
to take out travel insurance at the time of booking just in case there is a
health issue at the time of travel and you need to postpone or cancel the

So double check your travel documents, sort out your luggage and make sure
that you and your family are covered by a good travel insurance.

Travelguard by AIG has been a trusted Travel Insurer for many years. We
personally used and recommended this insurance when we travelled
extensively across the Atlantic. They offer several different types of
insurance for international travel, students, golfing vacations and cruises,
annual policies and you can 'build your own' travel to suit your individual
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Travel Insurance
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