What to do when your pet gets bit?

Always use caution when approaching or handling an animal that is injured by bite wounds or
trauma. If they are in pain they may bite out of reflexive self-protection when at no other time would
they bite anyone. Use a muzzle if needed. Flush the wound well with warm water and try to clip fur
from any wounds. Topical bacitracin can be applied to a skin break. It is important to note that bite
wounds are a combination of penetrating and crushing damage. A small hole in the skin can mask
severe tearing of tissues and bleeding hidden beneath the skin

Gently wrap any skin tears with bandaging material and apply direct pressure to a site that displays
active bleeding. Bite wounds usually become infected, so it is very important to have a veterinarian
assess any bite wound because even the most innocent bite wound has potential to become seriously
infected. Oral antibiotics may be needed... not to mention surgery to repair deeper damage inflicted
beneath the skin. First aid for bite wounds should be considered only as a first response; evaluation
by a veterinarian is very important for proper assessment and recovery.  

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