(Picking a Puppy)  

What will I do with my new friend; Hunt, Play, Competition's and shows, long walks, Throwing
balls and Frisbees? The answers are endless but you have to know what the answer is and it has to
be realistic. My personal answer could never be go for a long run in the evenings because it's not
something that I will do (I only run when I'm chased). Whatever your answer is it will help to
determine what breed and age of a dog that you want. If you just want a companion who doesn't run
around much, you may want to consider an older dog. What are you willing to spend on grooming? I
have always recommended that potential pet owners go to their local dog grooming salon and get the
price for grooming the dog that they're considering. Getting an Old English Sheepdog may cost you
well over a hundred dollars to have groomed every 6 weeks, while the Doberman may cost you $40
or take you only 20 minutes to do it yourself.  What age dog should I purchase? I am a firm believer
that most people shouldn't buy puppies. The house breaking and the initial training is where the
majority of the mistakes are made. A young dog 6 months to 2 years is a lot easier to manage. They
can hold their bowels if necessary and go on that run with you. You also won't have to guess on how
large the dog will be or what the temperament will be like. Last but most importantly for those who
are getting a new puppy. INVESTIGATE the parents. Go see the parents. Would you want them in
your house? Can you pet them? Can they do what you're expecting your pup to eventually do? If
the answer to any of these questions is no, then move on. No Excuses.  

SAVE MONEY: Taking care of your pet can be expensive but the Internet can save you a
considerable amount of money and time. You can buy the same medications that you buy from your
local veterinarian on-line. It is simple, cheaper and quick. There are always several great offers
available and if you purchase a minimum order (which is generally actually quite modest) they will
ship free. You can shop from your computer, let your fingers do the walking and save a lot of
money. Additionally you can buy pet food, gourmet pet food, grooming products and toys in fact
everything for the health, safety and happiness of your pet right here at Beau Riche.
P e t s
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