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It is now officially hurricane season. If you live in a state that could potentially be affected by severe tropical storms or hurricanes then it is
prudent to be prepared. Below is a list of items. Make sure that you have your items purchased, stored correctly and ready for use in an

For your family:
Water - at least 1 gallon daily per person for 3 to 7 days
Food - at least enough non-perishable food items for each person for 3 to 7 days

First Aid Kit - Assemble a first aid kit for your home and one for each car including:
o Adhesive bandages, various sizes
o Sterile dressings and gauze pads, various sizes
o Gauze and cohesive bandage rolls
o Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
o Antiseptic wipes
o Latex-free gloves
o Adhesive tape
o Anti-bacterial ointment
o Cold pack
o Scissors and tweezers
o Thermometer
o Safety pins and needles
o Sunscreen
o CPR breathing barrier
o Anti-bacterial soap

Medicines - Stock in your first aid kit, a supply of common nonprescription medications such as:
o Aspirin or non aspirin pain reliever
o Anti-diarrhea medication
o Antacid
o Laxative

There are basic items you should stock in your home in case of emergencies: water, food, first aid supplies, clothing and bedding, tools and
emergency supplies and special items. Keep the items that you would most likely need during an evacuation in an easy-to-carry, secure

Prescription Drugs - Keep a supply on hand of prescription
drugs and other special needs health items such as:
o Current prescription medications for all family members
o Insulin
o Denture needs
o Extra eye glasses or contact lenses and supplies
o Prescription inhalers or nebulizers
o Personal adaptive equipment such as braces, crutches
or canes

Clothing- Have a bag packed with a complete change of seasonally-appropriate clothing and footwear for each person.
Other items include:
o Rain gear
o Sunglasses

Bedding- Keep bedding supplies in a waterproof container/ bag.
o Blankets and sleeping bags
o Pillows

Tools and Emergency Supplies
o Battery-operated radio
o NOAA alert radio
o Flashlights- do not stock candles which are the source of many fires
o Extra batteries
o Paper cups, plates and plastic utensils
o Manual can opener or utility knife
o Small fire extinguisher
o Small, basic hand tool set
o Duct tape
o Compass, local map or electronic navigation device
o Matches in a waterproof container
o Signal flare
o Wrench to turn off household gas and water
o Plastic sheeting
o Sanitation items such as soap, liquid detergent, toilet paper, moist towelettes, plastic garbage bags, disinfectant and chlorine bleach.
o Blue ice or artificial ice
o Personal and feminine hygiene supplies
o Plastic bucket with tight lid
o Plastic tarps
o Insect repellent

For your home:
o Portable generators
o Storm shutters
o Generator cord
o Storm shutter accessories
o Garage door brace
o Carbon monoxide detector

For your car:
o Flashlight with extra batteries
o First aid kit
o Maps
o White distress flag and flares
o Tire repair kit
o Jumper cables, tire pump and jack
o Full tank of gas with extra gas can

For your baby:
o Formula
o Diapers
o Bottles
o Powdered milk

For your pets:
o Proper Identification
o Immunization records
o Supply of food and water
o Pet carrier or cage with bedding
o Medications
o Muzzle, leash and collar
o Grooming supplies
o Waste bags
o Cat litter/box

Other misc. items:
o I.D. and Insurance info
o Important phone numbers