It is so very important to take care of your pets. Their health and grooming needs constant
dedication. Your pet relies on you completely so make sure before bringing one into your
home that it will be truly loved and appreciated.

The companionship offered by a pet is gladly accepted by people living on their own
especially the elderly.

Health providers have now also realised the great benefits that pets have in the healing
process and they are now allowed into many hospitals on a regular basis.

Cats are more independent that dogs taking themselves off into the night but returning
home in the morning to their loving owners. Cats require more protein in their diets than
dogs but a well balanced diet must be given to all pets to ensure they keep healthy. Cat
owners state that cats are cleaner than dogs as they use a litter tray.
Regular visits to your veterinarian will help prevent avoidable problems and you will
receive advise regarding all aspects of their care including grooming and pest control.

36% of homes with pets own dogs that is approximately 4% more than homes which
prefer cats.

Dogs require regular exercise so if you need exercise yourself and have the time to
devote to walking your dog then you may prefer a dog than a cat. If you vacation regularly
then a smaller pet is more easily taken with you than a larger dog.

Identification is important. A discreet inexpensive name tag becomes invaluable when
you lose a pet so make sure that you invest in one.

SAVE MONEY: Taking care of your pet can be expensive but the Internet can save you a
considerable amount of money and time. You can buy the same medications that you buy
from your local veterinarian on-line. It is simple, cheaper and quick. There are always
several great offers available and if you purchase a minimum order (which is generally
actually quite modest) they will ship free. You can shop from your computer, let your
fingers do the walking and save a lot of money. Additionally you can buy pet food, gourmet
pet food, grooming products and toys in fact everything for the health, safety and
happiness of your pet right here at Beau Riche.
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