Katy Home Repair
We are a home remodeling company
located in the city of katy, texas. We
perform a range of services from
kitchen remodels, bathroom
remodeling, interior & exterior house
painting, room additions, fencing,
siding, roofing and much more.
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Seattle Real Estate - Professional Seattle Washington Real Estate organization whose purpose is to guide individuals and families through the often complex processes of buying or selling a home.
Choosing a Realtor is an important decision and not one to be made lightly or rashly.

As in all professions there are those that are trustworthy and dependable and only have your own best interests at heart. Of course sales are their bread and butter but that
does not mean that instead of seeing you and your hopes and expectations that they see dollar signs on their bank account.

A Realtor that is 'worth their salt' will work diligently for you. They will seek out properties that fit between your parameters and not their profit margin. Check out
on-line comments and practices for a selection of Realtors and ask for personal recommendations from family and friends. Ask the Realtors on your short list for
references and previous customers names and phone numbers (usually if people are happy with their service they welcome the opportunity to share their thoughts).

When you have decided on your Realtor, make sure that you are on the same page and then whatever you have agreed verbally make sure that it is in writing.

The market is very competitive at present so be choosy. Don't settle for anything which is not right for you. And remember the Real Estate mantra - location, location,
location. You can buy a pigs purse and make it into a sows ear if it's located in the best area. Visit the area at night and weekends when it can be busy and sometimes
noisy. How are the other homes tended? Is there a home owners association and if so what are the fees? If you have children what are the reports and academic levels of
the local schools and pre K?

When you have chosen your preferred area then our recommendation is to buy the best that you can afford in the most expensive neighborhood rather than the most
expensive home in the 'B' area. You can always invest more into your home over a period of time to make it into the home of your dreams and it is more 'your' home when
you have designed and decorated a home to your choices and specifications.

Your Realtor should have all the information on your preferred homes i.e. Property tax, pest control/termite bonds, rights of way, appliance and a/c warranties etc. so that
when you are ready to compare homes that you would like to purchase you have an apples for apples comparison.

If you have any advice for our readers please contact us so that we can share your thoughts and give them sufficient assistance for them to make the right decisions.
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It is a sad fact that there are a record number of foreclosures this year.
A total of 303,879 foreclosure filings were reported nationwide in
Foreclosure activity increased 27 percent from August 2007. The
foreclosure rate was one foreclosure filing for every 416 households.
If you are in a position to purchase foreclosure homes then it is the
time to buy you can certainly find a bargain and you will be helping
the economy and the neighborhoods by investing. Check out the
current deals on Realty Trac and see if anything 'works' for you.
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