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We spent many hours
researching mixers last year
and on reading dozens of
reviews decided on a
KitchenAid mixer. Oprah
recommends the Artisan
which is a great mixer but if
you are cooking large
quantities then we
recommend the Kitchenaid
Professional series (those
are the models where the
bowls are hoisted up rather
the Artisan series where the
stand levers back on itself).
The larger bowls and
sturdier motors are great for
denser mixtures of bread
dough, cookie dough and
pastry. The bowls are wide
enough so that you can add
your ingredients easily and
all models are available in a
stunning selection of
modern colors.
As any husband knows there is one room in a house that can make or break the
purchase of a new home. No it isn't the home theater it is of course the kitchen. The
noble, time honored heart of the home. If the kitchen works then chances are the rest
of the house will be a good fit too. But what makes the kitchen work? What is that
elusive quality?

1. Number one is design. A kitchen must be aesthetically pleasing but it also needs
to be workable. The best positioning of the key elements, the sink, oven and
refrigerator, is generally accepted to be a triangular composition and no further than
7ft to 8 ft between each one.

2. Avoid a claustrophobic and uninspiring feeling! One big offender is where the
sink is positioned: It should have an open outlook and not face a wall. Stand back
and view the room. Is it free flowing, bright and airy? If it isn't the chances are that
you will never be totally happy. You need a positive flow of energy after all the
kitchen is where you should be your most creative, experimenting with wonderful
food, rich flavors and inventive recipes.

3. A center island is great especially if it is has electrical sockets and / or butler sink.  
Center islands are a wonderful area for prepping and dishing up food.  

4. Good lighting is essential there is nothing worse than working in your own
shadow or in a dimly lit prep area.

5. Cupboards, cupboards and more cupboards. You can never have too much
storage space as you always manage to fill them no matter how many you have.
They should be reachable and well arranged with smooth return doors and surfaces
which wipe clean effortlessly. Reflective, shiny and modern kitchen cabinets are a
great choice  but this type of kitchen tends to show it's age quickly and nothing
looks worse than a dated kitchen, that is  for at least 50 years, then it inherits a retro
feel. For a timeless quality the natural look of wood whether it is cherry, oak, maple or
pine captures the essence of a great kitchen. And don't forget to line your cupboards
and drawers it really keeps them cleaner and looking great longer.

The counter tops should be deep, narrow ones are just annoying. They should be
easy to clean - those little tiles with miles of germ beckoning grout are not the best to
promote a healthy cooking environment.

Appliances: Stainless steel looks cool but it can be a little sterile. Marry up your
stainless with warm woods and textiles.  Remember to check if finger marks wipe off
easily as smudges on stainless steel can be rather noticeable.

6. A great oven/range is a definite must have and gas is super if you love to cook.
Double ovens are a boon when you are cooking for a large family. Self clean ovens
with the cleaning element in the bottom are best as this is where most of the spills are
found. Radiant and halogen smooth surface burners are easier to clean. Check out
levels (racks) inside the oven: Five levels are great but make sure that they are of a
good quality i.e. thick and firm metal that will not bend under the weight of a heavy
turkey or goose.
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