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Manners maketh the man and furniture certainly maketh the home.

You can buy the most expensive and beautiful home ever built but it is the furniture and decor which is truly important and it is your opportunity to display
your own taste and design and to furnish your home to your own particular preferences whether they are traditional, contemporary, retro or eclectic.

Every man's home is his castle and with due consideration, a little research and some good buying decisions you too can have the home of your dreams. It
does not take a millions of dollars to make a great looking, warm and inviting home but it does take some thought. If you are worried about choosing
incorrectly - don't. Find one piece or color that you truly love and find another piece which matches and pretty soon you will have an interlocking design and
a room that melds together all of the jigsaw to present one unified theme. It may not be to everyone's choosing but then you will never please all of the
people of all of the time and as long as you are happy and it works for you then kick back and enjoy.

... and when you match something it does not have to be exactly the same it can be geometric, chintzy, bold or subtle as long as everything gels together
then run with it. Visit showrooms - great stores such as Rob and Stucky present complete designer rooms from beds and dresser down to even the bedding.
Or get some ideas from magazines or Home Shows. Of course if you can afford an interior designer they'll sit down, listen to your description of your ideal
interior and bring your conception to life.
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