Cannonball Dark Pine 5-piece
King Bedroom Set

Canute Walnut Queen-size
4-piece Bedroom Set

Capria Merlot 5-piece Bedroom Set

Chocolate Espresso Low-profile
Queen Bedroom Set

AICO Eden Poster Bedroom Set in

AICO Royal Oak Poster Bedroom
Set in Coffee

AICO Royal Oak Sleigh Bedroom
Set in Coffee

AICO Monte Carlo Mantel
Bedroom Set in Classic Pecan

AICO Monte Carlo Poster Canopy
Bedroom Set in Classic Pecan

AICO Tuscano Mansion Bedroom
Set in Biscotti

American Drew Antigua Low
Profile Bedroom Set

American Drew Beacon Ridge
Panel Bedroom Set with Cabinet

American Drew Bob Mackie Home
Sleigh Bed Bedroom Set

American Drew Bob Mackie
Poster Bedroom Set

American Drew Bob Mackie
Sleigh Bed with Crocodile
Embossed Leather Bedroom Set

American Drew Camden Black
Metal Bedroom Set

American Drew Camden Black
Panel Bedroom Set

Bedroom Furniture - Antique
Parchment Bedroom Furniture Set
1 - Wynwood Furniture

4-Piece Bedroom Furniture Set
with King Size Bed - Hamptons -
Abbyson Living - HM-5000-KG4

Bedroom Furniture - Bedroom
Furniture Set in Cappuccino
Finish with Solid Wood and
Wood Veneers

Alder Shaker 4-piece Queen
Bedroom Set

Adrienne 5-piece Bedroom Set

Cherry Mission-style 6-piece King
Bedroom Set

Coventry 4-piece King-size Oak
Finish Bedroom Set

Contemporary Leather 5-piece
Queen Bedroom Set

Coffee Bean 2-piece Queen
Bedroom Set

Claremont Cherry 5-piece Queen
Bedroom Set

Hamptons 5-piece King-size
Bedroom Set

Highland Manor King 4-piece
Bedroom Set

Kalispell Cognac 2-piece Bedroom
Suite Set

Kensington Queen 3-piece
Bedroom Set

Kyomi Asian-style 5-piece Queen
Bedroom Set

Louis Philippe 5-piece Cherry
Sleigh Bedroom Set

Louis Philippe Black 5-piece
Queen Sleigh Bedroom Set

Louis Philippe Complete Twin-size
Bedroom Set

Madison Louis Philippe 3-piece
Bedroom Suite Set

Marcell Espresso 5-piece Queen
Sleigh Bedroom Set

Miranda 4-piece Wrought Iron
King-size Bedroom Set


Monte Carlo 4-piece Low Profile
Queen Bedroom Set


Mission Solid Oak 4 p Queen
Bedroom Set


Pine Shaker 4-piece Queen
Bedroom Set


Platform King bedroom Set
(domes Collection)


Portofino Black 5-piece Bedroom


Prince Modern 4-piece King
Bedroom Set


South Beach Collection 5-piece
Bedroom Set


Stratford Mission 2-piece
Bedroom Suite Set


Terrace Garden II King Poster
Bedroom Set


Transitional 4-piece Queen-size
Bedroom Set


Upholstered 3-piece King-size
Bedroom Set


Waverly Modern 4-piece
King-size Bedroom Set


Bedroom Furniture - Grayling Pine
Bedroom Furniture Set 1 -
Wynwood Furniture


Bedroom Furniture - Lincoln Park
Cherry Bedroom Furniture Set 1 -
Wynwood Furniture -


5pc. Bedroom Set Espresso


Braywick 3 Pc Bedroom Set


Canopy Oaks 3 Pc Bedroom Set


Cappuccino Finish Bedroom Set -
5-pc. Set


Grace 5pc. Bedroom Set California


Mayfair 3 Pc Bedroom Set - White


Sierra Kids 4 Pc Bedroom Set -


Stafford 3pc. Bedroom Set Queen


Cameron Twin Size Bedroom Set
Powell 1027


Alegria Kid Bedroom Set in in
Natural Maple Finish Nexera Set


Full Size Bedroom Set in Truffle
and Ivory Finish - Topolino
Collection by Nexera - Set 2014


Max Twin Size Bedroom Set
Powell 1021


Mayfair Twin Size Bedroom Set in
White Finish Home Styles Set 4404


Monster Collection Kid Bedroom
Set Powell Teen - Set 1003


Pablo Collection Bedroom Set in
Espresso Finish - AZURA Set


Z Bedroom Dresser and Mirror Set
in Black Finish Powell Bedroom
Set 1014


Hillsdale Camelot 4Pc. Bedroom
Set with Queen Size Canopy Bed


Hillsdale Midtown 4Pc. Bedroom
Set with Twin Size Metal Sleigh


Hillsdale Camelot 4pc. Bedroom
Set with Twin Size Daybed


MFI / Nexera 4165 Series - Pablo
Storage Headboard Bedroom Set


Hillsdale Camelot 4pc. Bedroom
Set with Wood Post Daybed


Opus Designs Jewell Noir Poster
Bedroom Set


Opus Designs Aura Platform
Bedroom Set in Merlot


Opus Designs Madeline's World
Panel Bedroom Set


Opus Designs Savannah Panel
Bedroom Set


Opus Designs Savannah Poster
Bedroom Set


Prepac Black Sonoma Captain's
Platform Bedroom Set


Prepac Cherry Monterey Captain's
Platform Bedroom Set


Prepac Maple Sonoma Captain's
Platform Bedroom Set


Prepac White Monterey Bookcase
Headboard Bedroom Set


Pulaski Furniture Royale Panel
Bed Bedroom Set with Stone Top


Pulaski Furniture San Mateo
Poster Bed Bedroom Set


Pulaski Furniture St. Raphael Low
Profile Bedroom Set


Pulaski Furniture Timber Heights
Poster Bedroom Set


Pulaski Furniture Toscano
Vialetto Poster Bed Bedroom Set


Pulaski Furniture Treviso Panel
Bed Bedroom Set


Riverside Furniture A Splash of
Color Diamond Bedroom Set in
Antique Black


Riverside Furniture A Splash of
Color Diamond Bedroom Set in
Clear Blue Skies


Riverside Furniture A Splash of
Color Panel Headboard Bedroom
Set in Chili Pepper Red


Riverside Furniture A Splash of
Color Scalloped Headboard
Bedroom Set in Tango Tangerine


Riverside Furniture Cobble Hill
Low Profile Panel Bedroom Set in
Bridgewood Black


Riverside Furniture Cottage Way
Garden Gate Bedroom Set in
Chilled Melon


Riverside Furniture Middleton
Panel Bedroom Set in Spiced


Riverside Furniture Medley Panel
Bedroom Set in Camden

Riverside Furniture Palais Royal
Sleigh Bedroom Set in Royal
Distressed Cherry

Riverside Furniture Regal Heritage
Mansion Bedroom Set in Legacy

Riverside Furniture Spring Street
Panel Bedroom Set in Butter Cup

Riverside Furniture Spring Street
Picket Fence Bedroom Set in Clear
Spring Green
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LinenSource, Inc.
A bedroom should be your special retreat from the world and therefore needs to function on several levels. In these busy and stressful days a bedroom should be calming and restful,
decorated in soothing colors. Unless you prefer to spice up the romance in the bedroom leave the bold reds and oranges for the main living areas and allow the warm earth hues to work
their magic. Soft terracottas of Tuscan cottages, lush double creams, apricots and peaches or the colors of nature, muted greens, lavender flowers and the blue of tranquil skies.

Place plants around the room to stimulate air flow and try to soften the room by using more rounded surfaces in your decorating than pointed square corners which jab at your psyche
and nudge your serenity. Allow free flowing energy which is not interrupted by awkward angles.

Position your pictures and ornaments with care. Pictures should be at eye level so that you are not straining your neck to enjoy them. Keep the decorations to calming and beautiful
items. Andy Warhol is stimulating but maybe keep his art for another part of your home.

Clear your room of clutter. It befuddles your mind and senses. Clutter serves as mental baggage and your mind should be clear and able to focus. Try and sit for ten minutes in a busy
cluttered room and concentrate on a project. Then stop and see how much time you actually devoted to your project. Each item of clutter serves to remind you of something. Encroaching
on your thoughts and interfering.

If you must use exercise equipment in your bedroom and it is not collapsible and can be stored in a closet then endeavor to hide it behind a decorative screen or drape. Don't however use
one of those photo frame screens unless it is photos of your partner in romance as, according to Feng Shui, introducing third party elements into your private space can actually upset the
energy conducive to happy and productive personal relationships.

Calming aromas and soft lights can assist in relaxing your restless spirit and give you a good night's sleep. Replace your pillows with ones which support but still give that lighter than air
cloud like feeling when you settle down for the night. Check that your mattress still supports your back and body where it's needed (remember to turn it over periodically if advised by
manufacturer). So many people that complain of lack of sleep and back ache actually have an old worn out mattress. Additionally check your quilt / comforter it should be warm and
cuddly, one that you can nestle down into, but it ought not be heavy.

When you settle down for the night don't read the newspaper, play mind games like Suduko, listen to the TV or read a tense adventure story instead prepare your mind for switching off.
There's plenty of time for stimulation during the day, at night dedicate your time immediately before sleep to calming your senses, and relaxing your mind and muscles. If you need help
then have a warm bath, not too hot, and add a chamomile or lavender fragrance and then when you settle down in bed, listen to gentle music or one of the sounds of nature CDs.

Take these simple, not too drastic steps, and you will look forward to your time in your bedroom and enjoy a better night's sleep.
Bedroom Set