Sellier Musical Carriage Mantel
Clock in Polished Brass
Let beauty of all kinds fill your
home with this elegant Sellier
Musical Carr...

Arceau Carriage Mantel Clock
in Polished Brass
Add beauty and elegance to
your home or office with this
charming Arceau Carr...

Wooden Mantle Clocks -
Bardwell Mantle Clock by
Bulova B1987
Wooden Mantle Clocks -
Bardwell Mantle Clock by
Bulova B1987 is available fro...

Frank Lloyd Wright Mantel
Clock - Bulova Willits Mantle
Frank Lloyd Wright Mantel
Clock - Bulova Willits Mantle
Clock is available fr...

Bulova Mantle Clocks Glasner
House Mantel Clock from the
Frank Lloyd Wright collection
model B7750
Bulova Mantle Clocks Glasner
House Mantel Clock from the
Frank Lloyd Wright c...

Godinger Shannon Crystal
Mantle Clock
Shannon crystal mantel clock.
24% Lead Crystal. Measures
4.5" long x 3.5...

Howard Miller Carols of
Christmas IIa Musical Table
Top Clock
Howard Miller - Mantel / Table
Clocks - 645424 - Further the
Christmas spirit...

Zadro Natural Wake Up
Sunlight Alarm Clock - Zadro
Natural Wake Up Sunlight
Alarm Clock
Zadro Natural Wake Up
Sunlight Alarm Clock The
Zadro Natural Wake Up

Zadro Sunlight 365 SAD
Therapy Light Box with Clock
- Zadro Sunlight 365 SAD
Therapy Light Box with Clock
Zadro Sunlight 365 SAD
Therapy Light Box with Clock
The Zadro Sunlight 365 SA...

Large Key Wind Alarm Clock
The Most Reliable Clock Old
fashioned Key Wind Alarm
Clock is the most reliab...

SmartSet® Clock Radio
This Clock Radio Sets Itself So
You Don't Have To! This
SmartSet® Clock R...

Norman Rockwell Clock
Nostalgic Norman Rockwell
Clock This charming wall clock
features a copy of N...

Glow-in-the Dark Alarm Clock
Bell & Howell Glow-in-the-Dark
Alarm Clock See the time and
temperature c...

Talking Clock
Announces time with a touch
of the "talking" button.
Includes bell ...

Singing Bird Clock
Hear Beautiful Bird Songs
Every Hour This beautiful wall
clock will bring a s...

Footprints" Clock with
"Amazing Grace" Melody
Inspirational Musical Clock
Plays "Amazing Grace"! This
beautiful c...

Time Ready Large Read Clock
This Big Number Alarm Clock
Sets Itself Simply plug this
clock in and watch i...

13in Octagon Billiard Clock
Mahogany & Spruce Mali Felt
This clock is a 13 octagon
shaped clock with spruce Mali
cloth backing and so...

Kirch 1220C Solid Brass
Shipamp;apos;s Wheel Clock
Rests On A Mahogany Base
Polished and lacquered solid
brass shipapos;s wheel clock
rests on a mahogany...

Mahogany Finish Solid Wood
Pendulum Wall Clock
Grandfather wall clock perfect
for any home! - SKO1039:
Features: - Nighttime...

Chicago Lighthouse Octagon
Mahogany Quartz Clock, 12 in,
Octagonal Mahogany body
and Roman numerals give this
clock its unique style. ...

Chicago Lighthouse Octagon
Mahogany Quartz Clock
Distinctive shape and Roman
numerals give this clock its
unique style. Brass ...

Things Remembered
Personalized Mahogany
Marquety Clock
Give a functional trophy
anyone would be proud to
display: this high-gloss Ma...

Things Remembered
Personalized Mahogany Book
Adding interest to any desk,
shelf, or mantel, this wooden
"book" o...

Mahogany Lux Clock
The 16" mahogany-stained
frame accented by a tonal
damask face on this c...

Personalized Mahogany/Silver
Clock with Double Pen Stand
by Things Remembered
The established executive as
well as the recent grad will
appreciate the clas...

Personalized Mahogany Gold
Tambour Clock by Things
Once his son was born, he had
a change of heart about his
career path. He acc...

Personalized High Gloss
Mahogany Spinning Clock by
Things Remembered
An elegant marriage of form
and function, this clock makes
a handsome additio...

Personalized Mahogany Silver
Dial Clock by Things
This clock makes a wonderful
and stately accent on any
desk. It's adorned on ...

Personalized Bulova Silver
Mahogany Column Clock by
Things Remembered
Since 1875, the name Bulova
has been synonymous with
creativity, craftsmanshi...

Ore Classic
telephone-Mahogany w/
quartz roman numeral clock
Ore Classic T04036 - Corded
phone - mahogany

Boardroom Model Geochron
World Clock Finish: Mahogany,
Gold Trim
This Geochron world clock
isn't a mere time piece, it's the
only instrument o...

Pauline Mantel Clock Finish:
Mahogany Wood with Brass
This Classic Collection mantel
clock is a traditional timepiece.
Equipped wit...

Brass Clock in Mahogany Box
Features: -Brass clock. -Solid
brass finish. -Includes solid
wood box in maho...

Richard Mantel Clock Finish:
Mahogany Wood with Brass
This Premium Collection
mantel clock is a classic
timepiece. Equipped in a so...

Wilhelmina Mantel Clock
Finish: Mahogany Wood with
Brass Pendulum
This Premium Collection
mantel clock is a traditional
timepiece. Equipped wit...

Loquet Mantel Clock in
Mahogany with Polished Brass
Add class and distinction to
your decor with this elegant
Loquet Mantel Clock...

Godinger Crystal Carriage
Clock (SO)
Crystal carriage clock.
4.13"Lx2.75"Wx8.63"H. For ...

Small Carriage Clock in Oak
RCC1099: Features: -Carriage
clock-Small sized. Color/Finish:
-Oak finish. Di...

Templeton Contemporary
Carriage Clock
This tabletop clock is finished
in satin rosewood! - HW2027:
Features: -Carri...

Kirch 2320 Brass Carriage
Clock Rotation Four Sides
Brass Clock With Rotating
Base 1 Clock 1 Thermo 1
Hygro 1 Photo Frame

Antique Wood Carriage Music
Table Clock
NHV1099: Features: -Table
clock-With music function.
Construction: -Oak wood ...

Kirch 2317 Silvetone Carriage
apos;Carriage Table Clock In
Silvertone Case White Roman
Dial With 2 Black Ha...

Kirch 2319 Brass Carriage Clock
Metal Clock With Goldtone
Case White Dial Applied
Goldtone Chapter Ring 2

Large Carriage Clock w/ Metal
Handle in Oak Finish
Tell a tale of time with this
easily portable timepiece.
Metal handles make i...

Contemporary Carriage Clock
in Gold Finish
2-AA battery 1-Year warranty
6.7 in. W x 2.7 in. D x 10.6 in.
H This table cl...

Mildred Table Top Clock w
Metal Carriage-Style Frame
Use this carriage-style clock in
a special room where company
can enjoy it. I...

Clifton Table Top Clock w
Carriage-Style Aluminum Frame
Glass and metal clock is
reflective. Glass panels are
beveled. Easy-to-read d...

Seth Thomas Silver Glass
Carriage Table Clock
Bring added style to your
table with this lovely silver
and glass carriage ta...

Beyond the Page MDF Cuckoo
Cuckoo for crafts! You'll go
crazy for this craft project
turned functional c...

Prerogatives Sterling Cuckoo
Clock Dangle Bead
How timely. Customize your
one-of-a-kind jewelry creation
with this oxidized ...

Musical Cuckoo Clock with
Goats Butt Heads Waterwheel
Turns Design
Features: -One day musical
cuckoo clock. -One day cuckoo
clocks need to be re...

Cuckoo Clock with Chimney
Sweep Pops out of Chimney
Features: -One day cuckoo
clock. -One day cuckoo clocks
need to be rewound ev...

Cuckoo Clock with Seven
Maple Leaves, Three Birds, and
Features: -One day cuckoo
clock. -One day cuckoo clocks
need to be rewound ev...

Musical Cuckoo Clocks with
Seven Leaves, Three Birds and
Nest Design
Features: -Eight day musical
cuckoo clocks. -Eight day
cuckoo clocks need to ...

13" Quartz Cuckoo Clock
Cuckoo Clock with Tudor Style
Expertly crafted in the Black
Forest region of Germany, this
traditional cuck...

WSM Tuscany Musical Mantle
Clock by Rhythm Clocks - 2010
The WSM Tuscany Musical
Mantle Clock by Rhythm
Clocks features Westminster

WSM Torino Musical - Chiming
Mantle Clock by Rhythm Clocks
The WSM Torino Musical -
Chiming Mantle Clock by
Rhythm Clocks features

Crystal Flare Mantle Clock by
Rhythm Clocks
Crystal Flare from Rhythm
Small World Clocks features a
woodgrain finish, gol...

Infinity Table and Mantle
Accent Clock
Materials: Metal Finish:
Espresso brown Type: Mantle
Quartz movement Ideal fo...

Wood Provence Carved Black
Mantle Clock
This lovely mantle clock comes
in a Provence style ideal for
any decor. Produ...

Casa Cortes Milano Classic
Mantle Accent Clock
Antique quality and fine
craftsmanship heighten the
aesthetic appeal of this ...

Old Fashioned Tricycle
Tabletop and Mantle Accent
The graceful style of this
decorative Tricycle Tabletop
Accent Clock will sen...


Personalized Movado Clear
Mantle Clock by Things
The mantle is a pretty
prestigious location in a
home's d cor. Anything displ...

Eye Of Time Library Mantle
Clock in Hand Polished Bronze
Features: -Mantle clock. -Hand
polished bronze finish. -Old
world elegance. -...

Boyleston Mantle Clock
Features: -Mantle clock.
-Constructed of 80%
aluminum and 20% MDF.
-Modern to...

Barcelona Mantle Clock
Features: -Clock. -Composite
wood construction. -Overall
dimensions: 10.25&qu...

Andrea Mantle Clock
This special 81st Anniversary
Edition mantel clocks
decorative details includ...

Chateau Carbonne Cherub
Mantle Clock
Ornately carved putti flank
the French Empire stylings of
this lush timepiece...

Walt Disney World Minnie and
Mickey Mouse Mantle Clock
Walt Disney World Minnie and
Mickey Mouse Mantle Clock

Temple of Heliopolis: Egyptian
Mantle Clock Statue
Named for the Egyptian city
that hosted the earliest
temple obelisk, a pharao...

Movado Large Silvertone
Mantle Clock
Impressive metal mantel clock
with contrasting chapter ring
and raised stick ...

Movado Clear Crystal Mantle
This modern clock uses
Movado's iconic museum dial
to good use. The black and...

Imax Worldwide 2513 Iron
Desk Mantle Clock in Brown
Charming round brown Iron
desk clock, with yellow face,
roman numerals, rests...

Imax Worldwide 16130 Black
Mantle Clock
Traditional black wood mantel
clock with white face and
roman numerals, Count...

Lite Source 5111 - Wake Up
Table clock Mantle Clock:
5113zw Mantle Clock
Metal Table clock. One AA
battery required Materials:
Disclaimer: Collection:...

Nova Lighting IFC2200 -
Interstellar Clock Mantle Clock
Interstellar Clock. Round wall
clock accented with different
shade and textur...

Traditions Artglass IND220 -
Indiana University Collegiate
Desk Clock: IND220 Mantle
Stained glass clock with
pewter look collegiate logo
Disclaimer of Indian or ...

Space Living Yachtsman's
Mantle Clock with Fish Eye
Glass Silver and White
Great nautical design - Use it
as a mantle or desktop clock -
Makes a perfect...

Oregon Scientific Wireless
Weather Station and Atomic
22°F (-30°C) to
140°F (60°C)
Outdoor 1 Year L...

Sony ICF-CDK50 Undercabinet
Clock Radio
1 Year Limited 10 - FM 3.46"
Height x 13.78" Width x
12.20" De...

Geneva Clock Elgin LCD Electric
Table Clock
3455E Choose from 7 LCD
colors: aqua, pink, teal, green,
purple, yellow or re...

Conair SU7 Desktop Clock
1 Year Limited 4 x AA SU7
Desktop Clock Radio AC
Adapter Snooze Button
Power ...

Rosewood Compass Clock
An exceptionally refined gift
of elegance and taste, this
Rosewood Compass Cl...

Contemporary Clock
For your parents who've loved
and supported you, for
friends and family who'v...

iPhone Alarm Clock
An iPhone Alarm Clock lets
you wake up to your favorite
music and makes morni...

Willys Sales & Service Lighted
Retro Clock
Retro-lighted clocks are
always an exciting pick for the
American Pickers and...

Coca-Cola Wave Neon Clock
Vintage Coca-Cola advertising
pieces are a must-have for any
ultimate collect...

Kitchen Capers Cat Art
Decorative Wall Clock Gift Idea
Adorable kittens stir up hours
of joy with this cat art
collector's wall cloc...

Purr-Fect Times Cat Art
Decorative Wall Clock
Spend every hour in the
company of kittens with this
adorable collectible cat...

Disney Memories Of Mickey
Mouse Wooden Wall Cuckoo
Clock: Disney Mickey Mouse
Wall Decor
In 1928, an irresistible little
mouse ushered in an era of
magical movie-maki...

Steam Engine Train Cuckoo
Clock: The Flying Scotsman
Memories Of Steam
Relive the allure of a bygone
age of steam with this
striking train-themed cu...

Disney Cinderella Collectible
Porcelain Clock: Enchanted
Let magical moments fill every
hour of your day with this
Disney Cinderella c...

Tambour Mantle Clock
Tambour mantel clock is made
of wood in mahogany finish.
Engraving not includ...

Mantle Clock in Mahogany
Mantel clock with visible
mechanisms has a wood top
and base in mahogany fini...
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Great collection of clocks for every decor. Beautiful cherry and mahogany grandfather clocks and
traditional carriage clocks and cuckoo clocks to art deco and contemporary styles. Something for
every decor and price range. High quality clocks from Howard Miller, Bulova, & Seiko at great
discount prices and free shipping deals. If you don't see what you're looking for then try the
search facility. It's great for locating specific products or hard to find items.
Have you seen this fantastic range of clocks from SEIKO? They are called Musical Melodies and they play a selection of FIDELITY quality sound music from
Classical Music to the Beetles. Some are decorated with Swarofski Crystals but whether you choose a wall or a mantle clock they all have a musical moving
sequence that is both captivating and wonderful. If you are looking for a gift for Mum, Dad, Grand or Grandpa or something for a child's room or nursery these are
sure to please.