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Gifts for the Traveling Man
Belle Hop Fly High Travel Set
Jet-setter's delight. This Belle Hop
travel set features all the necessities for
safe flights.

Royce Leather Airline Ticket and
Passport Holder
You're set with this Royce Leather
airline ticket and passport holder. In an
array of colors.

Royce Leather Foil-Stamped Passport
Depart for your travels with this Royce
Leather passport jacket. In a variety of
exciting colors.

Royce Leather Passport Wallet
Perfect for every port of call. This
Royce Leather passport wallet is a

Personalized Leather Luggage Tags -
First Class Monogram Design Black
Travel with confidence, knowing any
misplaced belongings will return safely
to you with our handsome First Class
Black Leather Luggage Tag. We then
make it your signature piece by
handsomely gold stamping your single, 2
or 3 initial monogram in yo...

Heys 3-Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage
Set with Packing Cubes
Plan the perfect arrival. This durable,
three-piece luggage set makes it easy
with eye-catching new prints and
dependable double-spinner wheels,
offering both glamour and reliability.
You'll wonder how you ever traveled
without it. Destination: St...

Heys Prisma 3-piece Luggage Set
For the trendy traveler, this Prisma set
is perfect! It's lightweight, durable, and
easy to use, with an iridescent high-gloss
finish that's guaranteed to match your
sense of style. The frameless exterior
expands as you pack to perfectly suit

Heys Crown V Carry-on
The Crown V carry-on has a
sophisticated allure that makes its
presence known. It's designed with a
cushioned TPR grip, and a shell that's
built of virtually indestructible
polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant
finish, making it both durable and ...

Heys Xcase Exotic Carry-On Suitcase
Go wild on your travels. Offering all the
convenient features of the original
Xcase, this carry-on suitcase gets exotic
with unique prints coated in clear paint
for a glossy and eye-catching shine. The
interior lining even matches the exterior

Magellan's Pre-Set Travel Alarm Clock
Our Pre-Set Travel Alarm Clock delivers
precision accuracy and convenience.
This handy travel clock is pre-set, so
just the turn of a knob automatically
sets the time anywhere in the U.S, U.K,
Europe and Japan. Solar-powered, it
features a giant s...

Power Monkey Extreme Solar iPad
Tablet Charger Blue
Power Monkey eXtreme - oodles of
power at your fingertips. This charger's
large capacity, 9000 mAh lithium
battery holds enough power to fully
charge your tablet or phone multiple
times, and can also charge two devices at
once. It powers from a wa...

Shawshank LEDZ 14 Led UV Black
Light Inspection Flashlight Purple
UV Black Light lets you see what you're
missing. This high-tech flashlight
contains 14 ultra-violet LED bulbs that
let you inspect hotel bedding, bathroom
surfaces, and even TV remote controls
for cleanliness by revealing the presence
of bio-fluid...

PacSafe Venturesafe 400 Anti-Theft 13"
Laptop Shoulder Bag Cool Steel
A stylish suit of armor for your laptop.
This smartly engineered bag from
PacSafe protects your computer from
damage and theft. Security features
include wire-reinforced, slash-proof
panels, a cut-proof strap, and lockable
zippers. It's also loade...

STM Bags Velo 13" Laptop Shoulder
Travel Messenger Bag Black
Highly organized laptop messenger bag
is your portable office on the go.
Whether you travel by plane, train, car
or bicycle, the Velo 13" Laptop
Shoulder Bag will keep you organized on
even the busiest days. Made of
lightweight, durable nylon...

Magellan's World Time Alarm Clock Red
What time is it in Athens? Rio? Denver?
You'll know in an instant with this
innovative World Time Alarm Clock
that lets you see the time in 16 pre-set
time zones with just the turn of a knob.
Features include 12 or 24-hour format,
calendar, digita...

Magellan's Aluminum Super-Bright 9
LED Pocket Flashlight Red
Super-bright pocket light has all the
power of a full-size flashlight. Its sleek
ergonomic shape fits comfortably in the
palm of your hand, and nine
energy-efficient, ultra-bright LED bulbs
shed a bright beam of light using very
little battery pow...

iPad Jacket Padded Shoulder Bag Berry
Don't pack your iPad without its jacket.
Want to protect your iPad from the
bumps and bruises of travel? Well,
there's no app for that, but our iPad
Jacket can handle the job. Made of
water-resistant nylon, its soft lining and
padded interior give...

PacSafe Metrosafe 300 GII Anti-Theft
Travel Laptop Bag Black
Ultra-secure anti-theft shoulder bag for
your 13" laptop. This body-hugging
shoulder bag's anti-theft features include
wire-reinforced slash-proof panels,
anti-tamper zippers, a cut-proof strap,
and an RFID blocking pocket that keeps
credit c...

Power Monkey Portable Charger Blue
Don't forget your Power Monkey
Charger. Pocket-sized, it charges all
small portable electronics up to 5.5
volts, has a huge power reserve (40
hours for iPods, 96 hours of stand-by
time for phones, 1600 pictures for
digital cameras), and holds its ...

Stylus Pro iPhone/iPad Stylus Pen Blue
Are you all thumbs with touch-screen
devices? Improve your dexterity with
the iPad Stylus Pen. This compact,
lightweight stylus provides easy and
precise operation of any touch-screen
device, and will never scratch or smudge
your screen. Shaped an...

STM Bags Vertical Medium Carry-On
Laptop Shoulder Bag Black
From cafe to office to airplane, carry
your laptop and iPad in one slim bag.
Over your shoulder, under your seat, or
riding the airport security conveyor belt,
you won't believe how much this
smartly organized bag can accommodate
in its spacious i...

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case Mocha
Cordless Keyboard turns your iPad into
a handy work station. For typing
frequent messages, long emails or
creating documents on your iPad, this
flat-lying portable keyboard provides
better dexterity and full screen vision.
The Bluetooth connection...

Weather Station Keychain Red
Don't just follow the weather. Plan for
it. Not only does this useful keychain
forecast the temperature and humidity
anywhere in the world, it also features
an alarm clock with snooze, calendar,
compass, and a brilliant LED light.
Makes a great ba...

Lighted LED Wallet Magnifier Green
Powerful LED lighted Wallet Magnifier
makes it easy to read the fine print!
Reading the tiny print on maps and
menus is a cinch with this compact
magnifier. 2X magnification brings
everything into clear view, and a 6X
bifocal insert gives you even...

Powertraveller Gorilla Portable Charger
iPad Connector Gray
iPad + MiniGorilla Charger +
Gorilla-Pad Connector - a match made in
heaven. The Gorilla-Pad Connector lets
you safely charge your iPad with the
powerful MiniGorilla charger (sold
separately, see item # EA395). The
built-in resistor converts the M...

Revive Gocharge Charger Black
Power up anywhere with this all-in-one
Charging Station. ReVIVE GoCharge
charges all mobile electronics via AC/DC
power and USB laptop connection, even
in places with no power source, since its
rechargeable lithium-ion battery can
power two device...

Wagan Auto Cup Holder Electronics
Adaptor/Charger Black
Power four devices at once from your
car's cigarette lighter! This clever charger
fits conveniently into the cup holder of
most cars, preventing hazardous clutter
around the console. It plugs into the
cigarette lighter, and lets you charge four

Flipit Dual Voltage USB Charger White
Dual-voltage power without the plug.
Too few electrical outlets in your hotel
room? No problem. The ingenious
dual-voltage Flipit Charger lets you
access an outlet that's already in use!
Simply insert any plug through Flipit's
blue power-conductin...

Travel Guard Personal Alarm Black
Give the gift of security. Small but
mighty, this tiny alarm emits an
ear-piercing 100 db shriek with just a
pull of its cord. Ideal for dark streets,
deserted parking lots, or crowded
marketplaces, it also doubles as a motion
sensor/alarm in your...

Magellan's Foldable Alarm Clock Silver
Our 92db Foldable Alarm Clock helps
heavy sleepers rise and shine. This
compact, lightweight analog alarm clock
has easy to read numbers, and a
backlight that illuminates at the touch of
a button. Easy to set, it has a snooze
feature, extra-loud a...

Xtreme Mac Incharge Duo Multi Device
Charger for iPad iPod iPhone
The dynamic duo charger for Apple
devices. Now you can charge any two
Apple devices on one power dock. This
lightweight charger has two docking slot
- one designed especially for your iPad,
providing the proper 2.1 amps needed
for a safe, high-spe...

Daviebar Telescoping Door Jammer
The Davie-Bar Door Jammer gives you
peace of mind in hotel rooms. This
lightweight, easy-to-use security bar is
constructed of high strength aluminum
alloy, and acts as a bracing strut to
prevent entry through most standard
doors. Its patented sli...

Scosche Flipsync Keychain Charge Sync
Cable for USB Smartphone Black
Time to cut the cord - to a mere three
inches! Using a full-length charging cable
for your Smartphone is so "last
generation." The FlipSync micro
connector lets you plug your
Smartphone into any 2.0 USB port, and
attaches conveniently to...

Light Owl 6 LED Travel Light with
Timer and Motion Sensor White
Light Owl makes it easy to find your
way in the dark. Fumbling for a light
switch in the middle of the night in an
unfamiliar hotel room can be a challenge.
But with Light Owl, you won't give a
hoot. This handy motion-sensing device
has six LED bu...

Personal Emergency Alarm Black
The safest and most effective method of
self protection. With just a squeeze, this
tiny yet powerful personal safety alarm
emits an ear-piercing 101 decibel shriek
that's guaranteed to frighten off
would-be attackers and attract the
attention of b...

Magellans Stow-Aways Electronics
Case Crimson
Keep portable electronics organized and
protected en route. Magellan's exclusive.
Our hard-sided case is the perfect way
to travel with small electronics. Interior
padding protects contents, and
adjustable dividers let you customize it
any way you...

Magellan's Manhattan Messenger
Leather iPad Bag Black
Manhattan Messenger Leather iPad Bag.
Magellan's design. Traveling with your
iPad puts a world of convenience at
your fingertips, making it easy to
research local restaurants, find your way
using its GPS, or watch a movie
in-flight. Our superbly o...

Magellan's VaultPro Urban Hybrid
Large ConvertaPack Bag Black
Ingenious ConvertaPack: The day
bag/backpack hybrid with maximum
security. Magellan's design. You need
eyes in the back of your head to protect
a backpack from thieves. Unless, of
course, it's our ultra-secure
ConvertaPack. Reinforced with anti-sl...

Travelite Luggage Scale and Flashlight
Watch your weight. A Magellan's
catalog exclusive. This new folding travel
scale's unique T-bar design makes it
easier to lift heavy luggage, and the
digital read-out window is positioned
conveniently on the handle. A red LED
indicates that your b...

Combination Voltage Converter Black
The Auto Combination Converter works
for heating and non-heating appliances.
The Auto Combination Converter
combines the functions of the
Transformer Converter and the
Converter for Heating Appliances,
automatically switching itself based on
the a...

Magellan's Multi National To N
America Adaptor Plug - Grounded
A pattern slip-on adaptor plug
(grounding) Used in Western
Hemisphere, North & Central Pacific.
Accepts virtually every major plug
pattern from around the world and
carries through the grounding of our
heavy-duty transformers.

Hybrinetics 40 Watt Converter For
Motorized Or Electronic Appliances
Transformer For Motorized and
Electronic Appliances. Use for razors,
radios, camcorder rechargers, tape
recorders, CD players, and other
non-heating appliances up to 40 watts
that are built for North America and
require high-quality electricity. H...

Heavy-Duty 1500 Watt Step Down
Transformer Black
1500-Watt Heavy-Duty Transformer If
the appliance you are taking overseas
uses close to 1500 watts of power, you
will need to bring along a heavy-duty
transformer to operate it on the overseas
electricity (220-250 volts). Accepts
North American th...

Magellan's Men's RFID Blocking Front
Pocket Security Wallet Brown
Our popular Front Pocket Wallet now
blocks RFID theft. Safe from
pickpockets in your front pocket, and
safe from identity theft with its RFID
shield, our handsome leather wallet will
put your mind at ease anywhere in the
world. It has rounded corn...

Tilley Endurables Outback Unisex Sun
Hat Olive 7
A mesh panel gives the Tilley Outback
Hat superior breathability in warm
climates. This unisex hat has a broad
brim (3½" in front, 2½" on
the sides) and 50+ UPF to block 98% of
UVA/UVB rays. A mesh panel in the

Neck Bandoo Cooling Bandana Denim
Neck Bandoo gives you your own
personal climate control. This ingenious
neck wrap contains hydrating crystals
that form a cooling gel to keep you cool
and comfortable on even the hottest
days. Just soak it in water for five
minutes and tie it arou...

Corona Scarf Brown
Keep warm while adding an artful accent
to any outfit. Our beautiful Corona Scarf
is handcrafted from incredibly soft,
100% wool jacquard that's perfect for
warding off chilly breezes, yet takes up
very little room in your suitcase. Long
enough to...

Tilley Endurables Western-Style Unisex
Sun Hat Khaki 7.375
Tilley's new western-style hat will keep
you cool and comfortable, even on the
hottest days. Broad-brimmed, with a
mesh crown and Airflo panels, this
unisex hat provides 50+ SPF (blocking
98% of UVA/UVB rays) and offers
superior ventilation. The u...

Reversible Leather No Metal Belt Bkbrn
Our new metal-free unisex Reversible
Leather Belt is airport security friendly!
With its leather-covered non-metal
buckle, you'll breeze through security
without setting off metal detectors (or
being asked to remove your belt).
Lightweight and adj...

Magellan's Secret Security Money Belt
Black 38
This belt has a secret… A secret
compartment, that is. To the
unsuspecting eye, it looks like a
handsome leather belt, which it is. But
on the reverse side, there's a hidden
zippered compartment to safely stash
your cash. Made of rich b...

Lingo Xplorer 52 Language Talking
Translator Silver
Talk your way around the world in 52
languages! Ask for directions in
Mongolian, order with ease in French,
and bargain with a shopkeeper in Urdu.
The 52 language Xplorer Talking
Translator translates over a million
words and 100,000 travel phrase...

Personal Safety Kwikpoint Translator
Get your message across in any country
without speaking a word. Can't speak
the language? Just point to the icons on
this nifty translator card! Personal
Safety and Travel Kwikpoint has strong
visual graphics that enable you to easily
request assi...

Lingo eTerpreter 12 Language Talking
Translator Silver
eTerpreter - the ultimate talking
translator for travel. This ingenious
12-language translator from Lingo is the
only one on the market with text-to-text
translation - the easiest and fastest way
to communicate in a foreign language.
Just input an...

Magellan's Classic Travel Vest Olive XS
Our wildly popular Magellan's Vest
now has even more travel-friendly
features! This ultra-light vest has five
exterior pockets (including a cell phone
pocket) to keep all your essentials close
at hand. Three interior pockets (one
zippered) keep do...

Magellan's Continental Gabardine Multi
Pocket Travel Jacket Khaki XXL
Out of Africa and into your travel
wardrobe. Magellan's design. Our
safari-inspired Continental Gabardine
Jacket recalls the romance and adventure
of the African plains with a smart,
elegantly refined look that's equally at
home on city streets or...

Magellan's Bottle Armor Reusable Wine
Bottle Packing Pouch 2-Pack
Protect that special bottle of wine or
spirits en route. Pack it in our reusable
Bottle Armor. Magellan's exclusive.
Made of durable leak-proof nylon lined
with a layer of protective padding,
Bottle Armor protects bottles in your
checked luggage, ...

Badger Aromatherapy Sleep Balm
All-natural Badger Sleep Balm helps the
restless traveler wind down. It can
sometimes be hard to fall asleep at night
when we travel. That's why we carry a
tin of Badger Sleep Balm on every trip.
It contains a relaxing blend of balsam fir

Magellans Personal Travel Fan Blue
Turn on the cool! Hot, muggy climates,
sweltering trains, long waits in museum
lines - that's when our personal fan
comes in most handy. It has three
speeds, directable airflow, finger-safe
plastic blades, and a neck strap. Takes 4
AA batteries (n...

Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier White
Dual-voltage Travel Humidifier is so
compact you can take it anywhere. Get
a better night's sleep by controlling the
humidity of the air in your hotel room.
This Swiss-made, lightweight, portable
humidifier generates a cool mist using
ultrasonic v...

FRIO Large Insulin Cooling Case Black
Our Insulin Cooling and Insulating Case
makes it easy to travel with
temperature-sensitive medicines. No ice
packs or refrigeration required! Simply
immerse the inner pouch in cold water,
dry it and go. Medications stay cool for
more than two days...

Canterbury Folding Travel Cane Floral
The Canterbury Folding Travel Cane
offers compact packing, solid support!
Strong and comfortable, with a sculpted
maple wood handle, this full-length cane
(adjustable from 33" to 37") has
specially formed aluminum sections that
are heat-...

Hydroflask 21 oz Water Bottle Red
12 hours hot and 24 hours cold - Hydro
Flask is the ultimate travel bottle! Why
waste money and paper cups on caffeine
pick-me-ups throughout the day when
this double-walled dynamo will keep
your morning coffee hot for 12 hours!
And cold beverages...

Dual-Voltage Immersion Heating Coil
Boil water in minutes - anywhere. This
compact heating coil brings water to a
boil for coffee, tea, soup, hot chocolate
and more, all around the world (it's
dual-voltage!). Includes an adaptor plug
for Continental Europe. UL-approved.
(5" long)

Magellan's Day/Night Pill Organizer
Carry your medications in handy day
and night dosages! Compact and
lightweight, the Day/Night Pill
Organizer's 16 individually labelled
pouches are color-coded for daytime and
nighttime use, and have easy-to-use
slide-locks to keep pills and vitam...

Econo-High Portable Folding Travel
Footrest Maroon
Get a leg up on comfort with our
compact portable foot rest. Pamper
your legs and feet in-flight with this
slim, sturdy foot rest that promotes
healthy circulation as it reduces back
strain and helps prevent DVT (Deep
Vein Thrombosis). Easy to ope...

I Can Breathe Additional Filters Gray
Replacement Filters for the I Can
Breathe Mask protect your lungs from
respiratory irritants. These carbon
Replacement Filters protect against
exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, germs,
and industrial air pollution when
travelling in large cities. Pac...

Magellan's Ultra-Slim Dual Power
Aluminum Compact Pocket Mirror
Looking for the perfect travel mirror?
You've found it. Magellan's design. We
designed our handy dual-power pocket
mirror to last a lifetime - with sleek,
sophisticated styling, quality
distortion-free glass, a slim, lightweight
profile, and prote...

Bioband Motion Sickness Band Black
Love to cruise but suffer from
seasickness? Thousands of our
customers have discovered the
almost-magical ability of acupressure
wrist bands to control the queasiness
that can come with rough seas, winding
roads, and air turbulence-without drugs

Magellan's Magellan's Luxe Inflatable
Seat Cushion Navy
The inflatable seat cushion that delivers
cloud-soft comfort and exceptional
support for hours on end. Magellan's
design. We created our Luxe Inflatable
Seat Cushion to give you luxurious
comfort in planes, trains, cars and cruise
ships. It's the ...

Memory Foam Komfort Kollar Support
Neck Pillow Navy
With the proper support, you can sleep
sitting up! "If you must sleep sitting up,
good head and neck support is vital." So
says Dr. Melvin Cheatham, a leading
spinal surgeon, who developed the
Komfort Kollar pillow for those of us
who st...

Magellan's Personalized Luggage Tag Red
Colorful, personalized luggage tag makes
it easy to spot your bag. Just select any
name or phrase up to 18 characters, and
we'll imprint it on a bright yellow
luggage tag with address compartment
on the back. (9 x 1¾") Allow 2-3

Lockdown Triple Security TSA Lock
Double loop cable lock delivers
three-way luggage protection. The
ultimate in luggage security, this
ingenious lock has TWO loops. One
prevents thieves from unzipping your
bag while the other secures to any fixed
object to prevent cut-and-run thef...

Lipault Provence 20" Folding Wheeled
Carry-on Duffel Bag Red
The ultra-lightweight, spacious duffel -
with a French accent! From hotel closets
to car trunks to luggage carousels, you
can lift this lightweight duffel with ease,
thanks to its featherweight design and
padded top and side handles. Perfectly

Vinni Bag Inflatable Wine Packing Pouch
An air cushioned ride for your prized
vintage. More secure than bubble wrap,
the inflatable (and reusable) Vinni Bag
seals fine wine, spirits, or other fragile or
large items in an air-filled chamber,
protecting it from the rigors of travel.
Made ...

PackSafe Camsafe Security Camera
Shoulder Bag Olive
Keep expensive camera equipment safe
and secure. Steel reinforced eXomesh
panels offer lightweight slash protection,
and the slash-proof strap (adjustable
from 32 x 57") has attached cable combo
lock that anchors to any secure fixture.
The ro...

iPod / iPhone Charge Station Black
Charge and sync just about anywhere.
Airport, plane, car, hotel - when it's
always go-time, where do you go to
charge your mobile devices? Right here.
This versatile 4-in-1 station has a
retractable cord that charges your iPhone
or iPod from a wal...

In Your Face Viewbase iPhone Stand
Adjustable stand keeps your iPhone or
iPod front and center. Have you ever
tried eating airplane food while watching
a movie on your iPod? Or answering
your iPhone "hands-free" in the Lincoln
Tunnel? We have, and that's why we
love this ...

Pocket Xshot Camera Extender Silver
Include yourself in photos without
putting your camera in the hands of
strangers. Picture yourself in front of the
Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal or Fenway
Park. Capturing that perfect photo with
you in it is easy with XShot. This clever
telescoping wand...

Magellan's RFID Blocking Security
Passport/Ticket Wallet Steel Blue
RFID passport protection with
hands-free convenience. Magellan's
design. Prevent hackers from accessing
the RF info chips in your passport by
stashing it, along with your ID and
boarding pass, in this handy
RFID-blocking wallet. Made of sturdy

Envirosax Folding Travel Tote Set of
Three Assorted
Incredibly strong, compact Envirosax
totes hold up to 45 lbs. These
lightweight, micro-poly folding bags
have strong, durable handles and stitched
seams that enable them to hold up to 45
lbs of souvenirs, beach gear and other
treasures. Tiny enoug...

Able Planet Folding Noise Cancelling
Headphones Black
Noise cancelling headphones that silence
the competition. Slip into a blissfully
quiet world with these high-tech folding
headphones from Able Planet that use
LINX AUDIO technology to block out
unwanted sounds like airplane engine
drone, while del...

FoxLV2 Portable Bluetooth Portable
Speaker Black
The ultimate portable, cordless speaker:
Listening is believing. When we read the
reviews of the FoxLV2 - "Astounding,"
"jaw-droppingly big sound,"
"unbelievable bass" - we knew we had to
try this pocket-sized speaker...

Able Planet Clear Harmony Noise
Cancelling Headphones Black
Noise cancelling headphones that silence
the competition. Slip into a blissfully
quiet world with these high-tech
headphones from Able Planet that use
LINX AUDIO technology to block out
unwanted sounds like airplane engine
drone, while delivering ...

Klipper Portable Surround Sound
Speakers Black
Surround sound goes portable! The
ingenious Klipper features surround
sound technology in stereo speakers that
fit in your pocket! Its tubular design
includes a speaker at each end, an
acoustic sound chamber in the middle,
and a built-in 3D electr...

Silk Airplane Blanket Navy
We've all read about unsanitary airplane
blankets, but who wants to carry along a
bulky blanket? The Silk Airplane
Blanket is the perfect solution! Made of
100% raw silk, it's as warm as a regular
blanket, yet takes up far less space. A
10" p...

Walkstool 22 Black
Pull up a chair anywhere with this
sturdy portable stool that holds nearly
500 lbs! A generous seat area and strong,
adjustable aluminum legs make
Walkstool the ideal travel seat. Wide
rubber feet plant firmly on the ground
for added stability. Ad...

Ben's Deet Insect Repellent Wipes
12-Pack Orange
Protect yourself from insect-borne
illnesses with Ben's DEET Wipes. The
mess-free way to apply insect repellent,
these convenient, individually wrapped
wipes provide up to eight hours of
protection from insect bites that can
cause disease (includi...

PSI Acupressure Anti-Nausea Travel
Wrist Bands Racer Black
Quell the queasies with Psi Bands!
Designed to relieve nausea due to motion
sickness from plane, boat and car travel,
these acupressure wrist bands are
completely drug-free, and wrap around
your wrists like a watch, applying gentle
pressure to the...

Magellan's Luxe Memory Foam Seat
Cushion Navy
Designed by an orthopedist to relieve
pressure. This orthopedically-designed
seat cushion has a U-shaped cut-out that
suspends your tailbone to relieve
pressure on the spinal cord. It's so
comfortable, you'll take it everywhere!
Great for air and ...

Lighted Travel Mirror Black
Folds to less than one inch thick! For
easy make-up applications at home or
away, this distortion-free mirror gives
you 10X magnification, and the cover
folds back to become a stand. Bulbs
never need replacing. Includes three AA
batteries. (&f...

AirTamer Travel Personal Air Purifier
Air Tamer portable purifier helps you
breathe easier around the world. Sitting
next to a coughing, sneezing passenger
on a long flight can put even the
strongest immune system to the test.
Now you can increase your odds of
staying healthy with the...

Toothpaste Tablets Mint
TSA-accepted Toothpaste Tablets are
the compact way to carry toothpaste on
board. These great tasting, chewable
Toothpaste Tablets aren't liquid or
paste, so they can be carried on planes
in your 3-1-1-kit. Lightweight, compact
and convenient, jus...

Steripen Traveler UV Water Purifier Blue
New more compact pocket-sized
SteriPen Traveler uses ultra-violet light
to purify your water in seconds. UV
light has been used for over 50 years to
eliminate dangerous bacteria, viruses and
protozoa without chemicals or boiling (it
destroys the D...

Cera Lyte Oral Rehydration Solution 4
Pack White
Nearly 50% of international travelers
suffer from diarrhea. This is the official
rehydration formula of the World Health
Organization. Plain water is ineffective
in replacing what the body loses during
diarrheal illness, vomiting, and

Dual-Voltage 1875 Watt Hair Dryer
Powerful 1875-watt Hair Dryer folds
for easy packing. This compact hair
dryer has 1875 watts of power to dry
even thick, long hair quickly. It features
two heat settings, adjustable speed, a
removable air filter, and push button
folding handle for...

Glacier Gel Blister Reliever 6 Pack White
Fast relief of blisters and burns. The
great cities of the world can leave great
blisters on your feet at the end of a long
day of sightseeing. Rather than limp
through the pain, just apply Glacier Gel
to protect blisters and reduce sting. This

Clip-On Water Bottle Holder Black
Keep your water within easy reach with
this handy Clip-On Bottle Holder. No
more forgetting to carry your water
bottle or searching through your bag or
tote to find it. The sturdy rubber o-ring
on this clip-on holder allows you to
securely attach ...

Cryosphere Hot Cold Foot Massager
Treat your feet to an instant massage.
Travel can take a toll on your feet, so
pamper them with the CryoSphere
portable massager. Designed by a
physical therapist, this innovative
device has a unique shape and knobby
texture that massages your fee...

Sunlight 365 Sunlight Therapy Light
Beat jet lag with the portable Sunlight
365. Sunlight therapy is an easy and
effective way to counter the effects of
jet lag. This portable, high-tech device
emits the beneficial blue spectrum of
sunlight (that helps your body adjust to
different ...

Sonic Travel Toothbrush Blue
The battery-operated Sonic Travel
Toothbrush tucks into any toilet kit. At
20,000 micro vibrations per minute, it
does a superior job of cleaning teeth, and
since it operates on one AAA battery
(included), there's no need to carry a
charger. Inclu...
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