We are so incredibly lucky to be living in this day and age. Can you imagine adhering to our hectic schedules wearing inhalation reducing corsets
and barrage balloon bloomers?

Today's woman has every bite of the cherry. Wonderful natural fabrics and light supremely comfortable synthetics. Additionally you do not need to sacrifice heavenly,
gauzy, feel good, items for support where you need it.

It is possible to buy the pretty, sexy underwear and still have the necessary support and we have a super selection of beautiful items for your consideration.
I N T I M A T E     A P P A R E L    B R A S

Over 70% of women wear the wrong the bra size. For posture, health of your back and general well being you should make sure that you are
wearing the correct size.
Playtex bra measurement advice and calculator
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The Band: Should be firm against your body to provide most of the support.
The Shoulder Straps: Should not be taking the brunt of the weight. If they're digging into your flesh, you need a firmer fitting band.
The Under Wire: Should encapsulate the breast and should tack firmly against the body.
The Look: If the bra fits properly, your nipples should be on the level of the middle of your upper arm and within your arm span.
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HerRoom.com Lingerie We Buy for Ourselves

HerRoom.com Lingerie We Buy for Ourselves

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