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Some Enchanted Evening: That rare occasion when all the
puzzle pieces fit exactly and the final result is just wonderful.

Some people eat to live and others live to eat. I am in the latter
category. I simply love good food and I have, what I consider
to be, a modern eclectic taste. I look forward to meals whether
I’m eating Sushi, Filet Mignon or a hamburger I enjoy and
savor every mouthful. There are of course a couple of
exceptions. I relish onions but I'm not so keen on pickled
onions and I adore mussels but dislike the distinctly slimy
feeling of oysters and, in direct contrast to my husband, in my
opinion you can endeavor to masquerade offal in anything that
you like but it is still awful.

I particularly love a great sauce. A wonderful Béchamel or
Veloute can redeem even the most nondescript of meat or fish
and my sister Kate can make a dark and white chocolate
Bavorois which must have been the favorite food of the gods on

I digress.... the
Some Enchanted Evening happened several
years ago when we had the pleasure of enjoying the most
wonderful ten course meal in a small hamlet in northern France.
It was a sublime experience. Between each gourmet course
discreet waiters served a different flavored sorbet to refresh the
palate and you needed the respite to regain strength for the, it
seemed never ending, next course. The meal lasted for five
hours which was quite a marathon for a couple that usually
dined on a salad and one, calorie conscious, entrée.

It was however an interesting and glorious event. The dishes
were beautifully presented and so skillfully designed they were
worthy of a place in the Louvre. The phenomenal flavors both
tantalized and captivated the taste buds. From the soufflé Au
Roquefort et salade de magrets de canard, the steak Au poivre
adorned with my favorite boulangere potatoes and the other
delicious treats to the incredible selection of heavenly cheeses
the meal was excellent.

It was a unique and memory making evening. The sommelier
recommended Nuits-St.George flowed as swiftly as the nearby
Somme, the food absolutely divine and the company witty and
entertaining. (I remember a top executive of one the world's
most popular software companies scrambling on a dark muddy
bank, the ruination of his designer suit totally ignored, as he
competitively sought to be the first one back to the restaurant
with a cup of Somme water.... but that's another story).  

I can only hope that some day I will be able to duplicate that
superb experience when all the right ingredients will once again
blend together for one, perfect, enchanted evening.
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