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Design Toscano for SWORDS, Repro Antique, Art Deco, Medieval, Egyptian FURNITURE, STATUES, JEWELRY, ART and so much more. Unique items for home and fantastic garden
statuary. Wonderful reproduction desks, tables, chairs, dressers and more. Great gifts of ornaments, armor, swords, historical sculptures, winsome and captivating,
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The Greek Antiquities
Sculptural Collection: Man
of Riace,

Dancing Fairy Solid Bronze
Garden Statue,

Egyptian Temple Coasters
Mushroom Fairy Solid
Bronze Garden Sculpture

Bird Fairy Solid Bronze
Garden Statue

The Blue Lagoon Necklace
and Earrings Ensemble

Cup of Joe Wall Sculpture
Genevieve, the Buxom
French Maid Server

Key West Sailfish Trophy
Wall Sculpture

Pop Art Lips Wall

Mademoiselle Modele

Ares (Mars) Classical
Greek God Bonded
Marble Statue

Charging Knights Tie

The Ark of the Covenant
Sculptural Box - Medium

A Gift Cast Stone
Memorial Garden Bench

The Lord Raffles Lion Table

The Tranquil Buddha Solid
Bronze Garden Statue

Anubis, God of the
Egyptian Realm Statue

Cherubs of the Wine
Harvest Sculptural Wall

Seaview Hideaway

Elegant Black Opera Cape

Greek Ironwork Goddess

Lady Leighton Necklace
and Earring Ensemble

Eagle Pewter Walking Stick
Gargoyle Water Spout

Pewter Walking Stick

Snake with Globe Pewter
Walking Stick

Dragonfly Tiffany-Style
Stained Glass Lamp

Staff of St. George Pewter
Walking Stick

T-Rex Dinosaur Skull
Fossil Statue on Museum

Fairies of the Enchanted
Grove: Willow Wall

French Neoclassical Griffin

French Provincial Caryatid

Count Your Blessings Cast
Stone Memorial Garden

Jean-Henri Bombe
Commode Chest

Isle of Lewis Chess Set
and Board

Chinese Emperor on
Dragon Throne Statue: King

No Time To Say Goodbye
Cast Stone Pet Memorial
Statue: Medium

Winged Gargoyle of
Naples Solid Bronze
Garden Statue: Small

Classical Horse Study

King Tutankhamen's
Egyptian Throne Chair

Stars Personalized Cast
Stone Memorial Garden

Medium White Solid
Marble Column

Lady Wentworth Pie Crust
Tea Table

Forever Remembered
Personalized Cast Stone
Memorial Garden Bench

The Lord Raffles Winged
Lion Buffet Table

Opulent Versailles Solid
Marble Column: Ebony
A Single Kiss Cast Stone
Memorial Garden Bench

Tennyson Solid Hardwood
Side Table

Hadrian's Villa Roman Spa
Furniture Collection: Chaise

Leave a Trail Cast Stone
Memorial Garden Bench

Leave a Path Cast Stone
Memorial Garden Bench

Bring You Home
Personalized Cast Stone
Memorial Garden Bench

Hidden Treasures
Revolving Books Side

Gone Yet Not Forgotten
Cast Stone Memorial
Garden Bench

The Corinthian Pillar
Collection: Small
Regency Double-X Form
Mahogany Hardwood

The Cremona Console
Manhattan Penthouse
Mahogany Hardwood

Chaucer Wooden Book
Side Table

Jacobean Court Cupboard

Jacobean-style Triple

Personalized Solid Marble
Pet Memorial Statue

Windblown Wicked Witch
Metal Weathervane: Roof

Reaching for the Moon
Cast Iron Statue

The King's Spanish Galleon
Collectible Museum Replica

Strength of the Skies Eagle
Wall Sculpture

Tree Trunk Trio Cast Iron

Lodge on Lake Como Wall

Modern Venus: Nude
Study Cast Iron Statue:

Sir Raleigh Hand-Carved
Medieval Dining Chair

Victorian Chinoiserie Chair
Wingate Mahogany

Louis XV-Style Shell Seat
Grand Duchess Boudoir

Royal Saber Corner Chair
Stacked Volumes
Sculptural Glass-Topped
Book Table

Industrial Age Gears Side

Lockshire Griffin
Occasional Table

Mountain Heights
Landscape Wall Tapestry

Mediterranean Gold
Landscape Wall Tapestry

Nova Terarum Orbis: Old
World Map Wall Tapestry

Rose Garden I Landscape
Wall Tapestry

Gazebo Landscape Wall

Summer Quince Wall

June Tree Contemporary
Wall Tapestry: Medium

Peacock's Pageantry
Hand-Painted Art Glass

Marble Memorial
Cremation Urn: A
Cherished Pet's Final
Resting Place

The Amelie Architectural
Steel Garden Gazebo

The Castle Guardian
Dragon Garden-Size
Copper Weathervane: Blue
Verde Finish

Sistine Chapel Tie

King Tut Egyptian Tissue
Box Cover

Eye of Horus Offering

Regal Egyptian Luxor
Sculptural Pedestal

Leonardo's Drawings Silk

I Thought of You
Personalized Cast Stone

Pet Memorial Statue

Zari, the Resting Giraffe

Faithful Friend Personalized
Cast Stone Pet Memorial

Swan Fainting Couch: Left

Fire Engine Station
Number 1 Collectors'
Die-Cast Iron Mechanical
Coin Bank

Elfin Fairy's Sacred
Wisdom Hardcover Photo
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