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Pouchsafe 250 Travel Security
Document Organizer Black
PouchSafe 250 keeps your entire
family's travel documents
organized, protecte... [More info at

PacSafe Venturesafe 200 Compact
Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag Sparrow
A compact, lightweight travel bag
that's ultra-secure. The
VentureSafe 200 ba... [More info at

PackSafe Camsafe Security Camera
Shoulder Bag Olive
Keep expensive camera equipment
safe and secure. Steel reinforced
eXomesh pan... [More info at

Eagle Creek Curbside Bi-Fold
Wallet Pacific Blue Stratus
Slim, ultra-lightweight Curbside
Bi-Fold Wallet is the perfect choice
for tra... [More info at Magellan's]

Eagle Creek Transfer Tri-Fold
Wallet Pacific Blue Stratus
Slim, secure Transfer Tri-Fold
Wallet has a place for everything.
This compac... [More info at

Eagle Creek Kensley Handbag Rio
When you need a little extra space,
the Kensley purse expands on
demand. Just... [More info at

Magellan's Vaultpro Gateway
Theftproof Handbag Olive
Our ergonomically designed
security bag has a place for
everything. Magellan'... [More info
at Magellan's]

Magellan's Vaultpro Theftproof
Convertible Backpack Black
Theft protection, superb
organization, and convertible
convenience. Magellan'... [More
info at Magellan's]

Eagle Creek Susie Clutch Black
The Susie Clutch - slim, sleek, and
incredibly organized. Traveling
light doe... [More info at

Hydroflask 21 oz Water Bottle Red
12 hours hot and 24 hours cold -
Hydro Flask is the ultimate travel
bottle! W... [More info at

Silk Dreamsack Pillowcase Honey
Suspicious of hotel bedding? Pack
the DreamSack Pillowcase. This
soft silk pi... [More info at

FRIO Large Insulin Cooling Case
Our Insulin Cooling and Insulating
Case makes it easy to travel with
temperat... [More info at

Magellan's Magellan's Luxe Travel
Blanket Gray
Chilly airplane cabins are no match
for our luxuriously warm,
breathable Luxe... [More info at

Dual-Voltage Ceramic Ionic Flat
Iron Black
Say good-bye to bad hair days
with this travel size Flat Iron. The
Dual-Volta... [More info at

Canterbury Folding Travel Cane
The Canterbury Folding Travel
Cane offers compact packing, solid
support! Str... [More info at

Magellans Personal Travel Fan
Turn on the cool! Hot, muggy
climates, sweltering trains, long
waits in museu... [More info at

Dual-Voltage Immersion Heating
Coil Silver
Boil water in minutes - anywhere.
This compact heating coil brings
water to a... [More info at

Magellan's Magellan's Luxe
Inflatable Neck Pillow Purple
Cool or cozy? Our two-sided pillow
lets YOU decide. Magellan's
design. Our su... [More info at

Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone4
Case and Rechargeable Battery
When your iPhone 4 is low on
power, grab a Juice Pack! This
ultra-thin, hard-... [More info at

Shawshank LEDZ 14 Led UV Black
Light Inspection Flashlight Purple
UV Black Light lets you see what
you're missing. This high-tech
flashlight co... [More info at

PacSafe Venturesafe 400
Anti-Theft 13" Laptop Shoulder
Bag Cool Steel
A stylish suit of armor for your
laptop. This smartly engineered
bag from Pac... [More info at

Impulse Carabiner LED Flashlight
Bright, ultra-compact LED pocket
light attaches to your keychain.
This multi-... [More info at

iPad Jacket Padded Shoulder Bag
Don't pack your iPad without its
jacket. Want to protect your iPad
from the b... [More info at

Magellan's Aluminum Super-Bright
9 LED Pocket Flashlight Blue
Super-bright pocket light has all
the power of a full-size flashlight.
Its sl... [More info at Magellan's]

Magellan's World Time Alarm
Clock Red
What time is it in Athens? Rio?
Denver? You'll know in an instant
with this i... [More info at

Power Monkey Portable Charger
Don't forget your Power Monkey
Charger. Pocket-sized, it charges
all small po... [More info at

PacSafe Metrosafe 300 GII
Anti-Theft Travel Laptop Bag
Ultra-secure anti-theft shoulder
bag for your 13" laptop. This
body-hugg... [More info at

Sound Oasis Sound Therapy
System and Travel Alarm White
Nineteen soothing nature sounds
help you drift blissfully off to
sleep. Hotel... [More info at

Magellan's Global Sync Travel
Alarm Clock Red
The travel alarm clock that sets
itself! No need to worry about
setting the t... [More info at

Magellan's Door Stop Alarm Silver
There's no way to sneak past the
Door Stop Alarm. Just place it at
the base o... [More info at

Fatcat Solar Charger Black
Fatcat Solar Charger lets you
recharge anywhere, any time. This
versatile bat... [More info at

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case
Cordless Keyboard turns your
iPad into a handy work station. For
typing frequ... [More info at

Wagan Auto Cup Holder
Electronics Adaptor/Charger Black
Power four devices at once from
your car's cigarette lighter! This
clever cha... [More info at

Flipit Dual Voltage USB Charger
Dual-voltage power without the
plug. Too few electrical outlets in
your hotel... [More info at

Travel Guard Personal Alarm Black
Give the gift of security. Small but
mighty, this tiny alarm emits an
ear-pie... [More info at Magellan's]

Personal Emergency Alarm Black
The safest and most effective
method of self protection. With
just a squeeze,... [More info at

Xtreme Mac Incharge Duo Multi
Device Charger for iPad iPod
The dynamic duo charger for
Apple devices. Now you can
charge any two Apple d... [More
info at Magellan's]

Magellan's VaultPro Urban Hybrid
Large ConvertaPack Bag Charcoal
Ingenious ConvertaPack: The day
bag/backpack hybrid with
maximum security. Ma... [More info
at Magellan's]

Flat-Out Flat Packing Toiletry Kit
The compact Flat-Out Toiletry Kit
is a top seller in our retail stores.
And i... [More info at Magellan's]

Eagle Creek Pack It Cube Black
How to avoid the rummagings of
airport security - and organize all
your small... [More info at

Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier
Dual-voltage Travel Humidifier is
so compact you can take it
anywhere. Get a ... [More info at

Magellan's Bottle Armor Reusable
Wine Bottle Packing Pouch 2-Pack
Protect that special bottle of wine
or spirits en route. Pack it in our
reusa... [More info at Magellan's]

Mini Fan Personal Travel Fan
The Mini Fan is a powerhouse of
cooling comfort. You won't believe
the refres... [More info at

Just A Drop Natural Toilet Odor
Neutralizer 2-Pack Blue
Just a Drop keeps the bathroom
smelling sweet. Once we ran
through all the ba... [More info at

Urinelle 7-Pack White
Disposable Urinelle makes it easy
to answer nature's call. Women
can now stan... [More info at

Dual-Voltage Ceramic Ionic Curling
Iron Red
Curls on the go. This is NOT your
mother's curling iron. Not by a
long shot. ... [More info at

King Pillow Bed Bug Protector
Pillow Protectors ensure a peaceful
night's sleep. In addition to
providing b... [More info at

Walkstool 22 Black
Pull up a chair anywhere with this
sturdy portable stool that holds
nearly 50... [More info at

Compact Dual-Voltage Travel
Hairsetter Black
No more frizzies in France or limp
locks in Lima. With our
Dual-Voltage Compa... [More info
at Magellan's]

Dual-Voltage Micro Turbo Hair
Dryer White
Now available in a travel model -
the brand professional hairstylists
prefer.... [More info at Magellan's]

Metro Walker Walnut
Our handy folding walker can keep
up with any globetrotter. When
you're ready... [More info at

Flatterware Collapsible Cup 2 Pack
Flat-packing Collapsible Cup is
small enough to fit in your pocket.
Flat as a... [More info at

Virus Zero Portable Travel Air
Sterilizer White
Don't let airborne viruses and
allergens interfere with your
travels. The por... [More info at

Flight Spray Anti-Bacterial Nasal
Spray White
Increase your odds of staying
healthy with all-natural Flight
Spray - the fir... [More info at

Packable Unbreakable Champagne
Flutes Set 2 Pack Clear
Life's too short to drink
champagne from paper cups. With
our packable champa... [More info
at Magellan's]

Magellan's Compact Medicine
Case Red
If your meds need to stay chilled
en route, pack them in our
Compact Medicine... [More info at

Anti-Bacterial Toothbrush Caps 4
Pack Multicoloured
Keep your toothbrush clean and
sanitary. Made of anti-bacterial
plastic, thes... [More info at

Handpresso Wild Portable
Handheld Pump Espresso Maker
Espresso to go! The ultimate gift
for the coffee connoisseur, this
hand-held ... [More info at

Tripease Nausea Relief Tablets
Treat the effects of motion
sickness. This safe, all-natural
complex is made ... [More info at

Bioband Motion Sickness Band
Love to cruise but suffer from
seasickness? Thousands of our
customers have d... [More info at

Adventure Medical Go Travel
Compact First Aid Kit Yellow
It's always wise to carry a first-aid
kit when traveling. Smaller than a
wall... [More info at Magellan's]

Econo-High Portable Folding
Travel Footrest Purple
Get a leg up on comfort with our
compact portable foot rest. Pamper
your legs... [More info at

Platypreserve Wine Preserver
The easy way to keep wine fresh,
flavorful and portable. Ditch the
heavy glas... [More info at

FRIO Duo Insulin Cooling Case
The Insulin Cooling Case makes it
easier (and safer) to travel with
temperatu... [More info at

Clark's Buye Men's Travel Walking
Sandal Brown 10
Lots of walking on the agenda?
Step into these comfy sandals from
Clarks! The... [More info at

Magellan's Classic Travel Vest
Olive XS
Our wildly popular Magellan's Vest
now has even more travel-friendly
features... [More info at Magellan's]

Exofficio Quick Dry Give-N-Go
V-Neck Tee White M
Travel in total comfort with the
ExOfficio Give-N-Go V-Neck Tee.
Designed esp... [More info at

Ultra Soles Packable Travel
Slippers XXL
For just 1/8" of luggage space,
here's protection from athlete's
foot, s... [More info at Magellan's]

ExOfficio Dryflylite Sun Protection
S/S Travel Shirt White M
Moisture-wicking Dryflylite Shirt
keeps you cool and dry on hot
days. When yo... [More info at

Bed Bug Laundry Bag White
Avoid bringing home six-legged
souvenirs. Prevent bed bugs from
hitching a ri... [More info at

ExOfficio Men's Sun Protection
Vent'r Skim'r Travel Pant Bone 40
Life is but a breeze with 20+ UPF
Vent'r Skim'r Pants. Bali in
February, Miam... [More info at

Janie Stick Spot Cleaner White
For oil- and grease-based stains on
all fabrics, nothing works better
than Ja... [More info at Magellan's]

ExOfficio Men's Airstrip Sun
Protection L/S Shirt Oyster M
ExOfficio's Air Strip Lite Shirt has a
built-in side and back ventilation
sys... [More info at Magellan's]

Magellan's Continental Gabardine
Multi Pocket Travel Jacket Khaki
Out of Africa and into your travel
wardrobe. Magellan's design. Our
safari-in... [More info at Magellan's]

Magellan's Take Flight Knit Travel
Trouser Pant Black S
Travel trousers that hold their
shape - no matter how long your
flight. Magel... [More info at

Short Stuff Compact Umbrella
Brown Dots
With Short Stuff, you'll always be
prepared for sudden showers. Just
5&fr... [More info at Magellan's]

ExOfficio Waterproof Rain Logic
Travel Trench Coat Black XL
Waterproof Rain Logic Trench
keeps you dry in style. Forget
packing a bulky r... [More info at

Exofficio Quick Dry Boxer Black S
Quick-dry boxers let you pack
fewer pairs. Seasoned travelers
prefer to pack ... [More info at

Windpro Wind Resistant
Automatic Umbrella Black
For a compact, automatic umbrella
that won't blow inside out, nothing
beats t... [More info at Magellan's]

Magellan's In Transit Convertible
Pocket Travel Skirt Black 8
The travel skirt with a pocket perk.
Cleverly functional, our
convertible ski... [More info at

ExOfficio Nomad Sun Protective
Quick Dry Travel Pant Slate 40
Nomad Pants go everywhere you
do - and we mean EVERYWHERE.
Now you can hike, ... [More info at

Magellan's Adventure & Travel
Convertible Capris S & 14
Adventure & Travel Capris morph
into walking shorts. Magellan's
design. W... [More info at

Magellan's Adventure & Travel
Smart Design Shirt Black M
Our solution for "stuffed wallet
syndrome." Magellan's design.
Whet... [More info at Magellan's]

Women's Thermasilk Silk Long
Underwear Bottom Black S
The best long johns for travel are
also the most luxurious. Silk for
travel? ... [More info at Magellan's]

Magellan's Classic Travel Vest
Light Taupe M
Our wildly popular Magellan's Vest
now has even more travel-friendly
features... [More info at Magellan's]

Teva Cabrillo Universal Cushioned
Walking Sandal Burgundy 10
The better-than-barefoot sandal.
What could be better for summer
travel? This... [More info at

Magellan's Travel With Ease Capri
Walnut S
Travel-With-Ease Stretch Capris
are all about comfort and style.
Magellan's d... [More info at

Magellan's By The Beach Wrinkle
Free Blouse Faded Denim S
Our breezy By the Beach Blouse is
the perfect choice for warm
weather travel.... [More info at

Terramar Men's Crew 2.0
Thermolater II Base Layer Crew
Black XXL
Thermolator II Crew keeps you
warm and comfy during cold
weather activities. ... [More info at

Magellan's Everywear Quick Dry
Camisole White M
Moisture-lifting cami has a secret
security pocket. Magellan's
design. Our tr... [More info at

Magellan's Boardwalk Convertible
Stretch Travel Pant Ink Blue 14
Smart-packing pants that convert
to capris! Magellan's design. Why
pack two w... [More info at

Magellan's Pleated Front Stretch
Microfiber Travel Pant Black 48/32
We've added Lycra to our Men's
Microfiber Pant! The fabric in our
new Stretch... [More info at

SoftWalk Tally Slip-On Cushioned
Walking Sandal Black 7.5
When you spend the day on your
feet, comfort is everything. These
sandals fro... [More info at

Clarks Vestal Men's Slip-On Travel
Shoes Olive 9.5
Get lighter in your loafers. From
town to trail or beach to bistro,
these fea... [More info at

Exofficio Bugsaway Insect
Repellent Halo Shirt Bone M
You can run but you can't hide
from bugs - unless you're wearing
the Halo Shi... [More info at

Magellan's Ultimate Sun Block
Quick Dry L/S Travel Shirt
Moonrock M
Our Ultimate Sun Block Shirt offers
extra protection that others don't.
Magel... [More info at Magellan's]

ExOfficio Next To Nothing Plaid
Short Sleeve Shirt Navy M
ExOfficio's "scrunchy" Next to
Nothing Shirt packs with ease.
Cool ... [More info at Magellan's]

Magellan's Around The World
Knit Capri Petite Black S
The most comfortable Capris you'll
ever wear. Magellan's design.
Destined to ... [More info at

Magellan's Microfiber Travel Robe
Black M
Think robes are too bulky to pack?
Think again! A Magellan's
exclusive. Feath... [More info at

Magellan's Matte Knit Jersey
Cardigan Black M
Cool and airy by day, warm and
stylish by night, our Matte Jersey
Cardigan ha... [More info at