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To assist in advocating a heathy lifestyle, Lip InkŪ continues to establish a vitamin enriched cosmetics line. Maintain beneficial beauty with the Lip InkŪ Lifestyle Care Kit. For only $65.00, this essentials kit includes miracle bar, bath salt, hand crafted lotion, organic conditioner and shampoo, eye restoring cream, Spa treatment lip care, and cosmetic bag.Lip InkŪ Lifestyle Care Kit
Create kissable lips that will last with Lip InkŪ Waxless Lip Balms. Choose from classic, tinted, flavored or matte lip moisturizers to add romantic shade to your lips without smudges or parabans. Available for men and women. Choose from over 100 colors! Lip InkŪ Waxless Lip Balms offers paraben-free, natural, organic, kosher, and lifestyle cosmetics that are patented and guaranteed smear-proof, semipermanent, waterproof,
and long lasting. Lip Ink® cosmetics are a perfect match for anyone with an active lifestyle! Lip Ink® provides a colorful palette in semi-permanent lip
stains and correlating cosmetic essentials such as eye liner and face powders. With Lip-Ink's colorful cosmetics, this collection is not your average beauty
line!  With products consisting of 40 natural botanicals, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Lip-Ink helps to transform your beauty regime into an
organic lifestyle of colorful bliss
Sprinkle some magic this March with Magical Powders from
These translucent shadows brush on easily to bond a finish with Lip-Ink
blush, bronzing gels, or lip color. Available in various shades, Magical
Powders iridescently illuminate your make-up montage for only $18.95 each!
Learn how to apply semi permanent lip color - CLICK HERE to watch free demo video!
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Hydrate, soothe and condition your lips with Lip-Ink's Tinted Lip Shine Moisturizers
Brilliant Tinted Shine Lip Plumpers from Lip-Ink InternationalŪ help lips become healthier, fuller and more well-defined!