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Wool Craft Felt - A Magic Cabin Best Seller!
Magic Cabin toys and dolls make perfect Easter gifts!
Magic Cabin toys Made in the USA collection.
Fairy Forest Dollhouses - Magic Cabin Best Sellers!
Child's Life-Size Doll - A Magic Cabin Hot Product!
Wonderful imaginative toys and crafts for children and individual, unique gifts and home decor.
Why buy from Magic Cabin? They have a great mission statement it's to provide quality natural-fiber dolls that represent all the colors of
humanity; toys with simple designs to encourage creative, imaginative play; craft kits for all ages and abilities; and friendly, reliable service.
Magic Cabin for Toys & Games - Arts & Crafts - Doll Play - Child's Room Decor - Housewares - Dolls - Gifts - Educational Toys -
Outdoor Play - Indoor Play - Home - Children's Furniture

Play Teepees - Magic Cabin Best Sellers!
Magic Cabin Fairy Dolls - Magic Cabin Best Sellers!
Mini Kitchen Set - Magic Cabin Best Sellers!
Play Silks - A Magic Cabin Best Seller!
Kids love making crafts with Magic Cabin!
Summer Favorites
Magic Cabin Best Sellers
Travel Toys
Magic Cabin is featuring its End of Season Clearance Sale
Learning Puzzles - Three great ways to keep
puzzle-lovin' kids "piece-fully" learning. The 45-piece
USA Map (a geography lesson in disguise!) features
state-shaped pieces printed with the capital cities and
pictures of items native to each state.
Boats That Really Float -Young sea captains will
experience the power of jet propulsion when they place
an inflated balloon atop our Balloon Boat - for ages 8+;
includes 3 balloons.
Little Blossom Doll & Doll Kit - Pretty, petite and
shy as a wildflower, Little Blossom wears a pinafore
of cotton petals over a soft velour body stocking. A
classic, all-natural Waldorf doll, made from sheep's
wool and soft cotton, with silky mohair curls, she
blooms in all seasons.
Play Stand -The Play Stand is an all-purpose
play prop found in many schools and homes.
Its uses are as varied as the imaginations of
the children using it.
The Great Silk Rainbow - Nine feet of
luscious China silk that billows brilliantly,
becoming a magical river, a flag, a cape, a
beautiful tent...these wonderful silks have
endless possibilities for play and display.
Fairy Bower -Tiptoe over the threshold of this gauzy
green hideaway and into the land of make-believe. Easy
to set up beneath a tree limb or ceiling, and crowned
with a colorful garland of blossoms and ribbons, the
Fairy Bower is roomy enough for several children to
play inside, and is a magical place for picnics, tea parties
and get-togethers with fairies and princesses.
Babar Suitcase Set -"I'm goin' to Grandma's with
Babar!" Printed with delightful illustrations from the
classic picture books, the three heavy-pressboard
nesting cases have metal handles and latches to
withstand the demands of young travelers!
Storyteller CD Sets - Ancient folk tales,
eloquently retold by gifted storytellers, keep kids
(and adults!) quietly entranced. Each high-quality
audio book comes in a beautifully illustrated
protective case, with written summaries of each
Travel Tin Games - Inspired by three classic
kid - popular games, these award-winning
versions are every bit as fun, and easily
portable in delightful little travel tins!