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All Natural shampoos
and conditioners for
Solution for bad doggy
breath and gas
Need a canine
chill pill?
Spoil your doggy best
friend with
Doggy Spa
Dog in the car? Long trip?
Just the thing to help
Fabulous Scents
for a more huggable pet
Itchy Skin  all-natural
solution for itchy skin
Happy Tails Spa have solutions to all of your worst canine
quandaries; A wide range of all natural shampoos, sprays and
eco-friendly dog products that solve common problems. From doggie bad
breath and gas to tear stain removal. From dry, itchy or allergic skin to
calming a nervous anxious or overactive dog. Happytails products are all
cruelty free and use only better than human quality ingredients which
make them safe, gentle and highly effective
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