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American Institute for English Proficiency,      
Makati, Philippines

The American Institute for English Proficiency,
located in Makati City within Metro Manila, is the
Philippines' leading service provider of English
training and career development, specializing in
American Accent and Culture, Conversation
Fluency, Confidence Building, Critical Thinking,
Grammar, Writing, and Standardized Test
Preparations (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC).
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Is a career possible without education? As soon as we are old enough to comprehend understanding and learning, like sponges, we soak up knowledge without
even appreciating that it is happening.

A good education provides you with the tools to enjoy the fruits of a better lifestyle, to be able to converse with pears on aspects of science and technology
and to explore the unknown realms of 'what if' and 'maybe this be could be true'.

The possibilities of developing the human brain and comprehending the wonder of life are as infinite as space itself. We have only just scratched the surface of
the wealth of immeasurable opportunities that learning and education affords. Without education our species would have withered and died. From the moment
our ancestor decided that cooked food tasted better and a wheel could gear him to travel we ventured out of the confines of the cave to explore and learn and
education our children in the wonders of living on this green earth.

We have a legacy to pass on to our descendants to keep pushing that wheel and the frontiers of science so that one day man can span the universe in the blink
of an eye and see the wonders of all that is.

Education is a building block of homo sapien's development as necessary as water to life and survival and our basic instinct to learn. It is therefore the
responsibility of each and every one of us to promote and help educate our children of tomorrow.
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